French Acquisition: Week 5

Tools of Acquisition:

  • Songs. Songs songs songs songs.


  • 1 week without using Duolingo and the majority of my vocab and knowledge of sentence structure had vanished. It did not take me long to regain it, my memory kicked back into gear after only a couple of hours of work, but I was shocked!
  • It is hard to find space in my mind for using french in my day when I have a very busy week, and my mind is occupied with other projects.
  • My vocab is increasing weekly still, just by listening to these kid’s songs on Monde Des Petits
  • When teaching children songs to play with their instruments, it is better to teach them a song they have already memorised, instead of teaching them a new song with new vocab in a new language AND teaching them how to play it, all at the same time. Of course- this is the mother tongue method. But this week i forgot. So my attempt at teaching the kids Au Claire Du La Lune on the xylophone was not successful.

Goals for this week:

  • Use more french in everyday life
  • Verbally repeat every french phrase that i use in Duolingo, to help with my speaking skills.
  • Acquire vocabulary for camping
  • Learn a new French song with the kids.
  • Acquire a blank book to write in all my french vocab.

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