French Aquisition: Week 6


  • duolingo is excellent.
  • just discovered this website, it looks interesting
  • i have discovered a memory technique that is working very well, depending on the clarity of the imagery used. for example, coupe means cut. So I imagine a little blue coupe being sliced in half by a guillotine. Now whenever I see the word “coup” this imagery resurfaces and I remember the meaning.


  • this new memory technique only works if the imagery is very clear and non-ambiguous.
  • even if i do not find the opportunity to use french regularly in my week, i still feel like i have progressed by using duolingo nearly every day
  • i understand the majority of our children’s picture books
  • i still learn new vocabulary nearly every day from these same songs off Monde Des Petits, and it provides a good conversational point between the children and I about vocabulary.
  • the picture books are beginning to make sense to my 5 year old, she now finds them very engaging.
  • the girls are choosing to use French formalities/manners throughout their day


  • finish duolingo course by the end of August, my original deadline. It is possible that I will not be fluently conversational by the end of August, but I will be able to read well. I would like to be able to read french newspapers or easy novels by August.

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