French Acquisition: Week 2

Current Tools Of Acquisition:

  • We LOVE the videos, lessons and songs on the Monde Des Petits website. They are very interactive, speak slowly, and have french subtitles on many of their clips. They also have an English website, and a German website, but these contain English and German language videos and songs.
    We have the song sleectin on youtube playing non-stop in the background whilst we are eating breakfast and lunch, and the girls like to dance to the songs throughout the day.
    ***TIP*** If you search Monde Des Petits through Google, there should be an option in blue font right next to the web address that reads “Translate this page”. Clicking this option will open the website in a Google window, and Google will translate the majority of the text into your chosen language. This kind of defeats the point in immersion learning, but can be very useful when you are just starting out.
  • We have a hand-drawn poster on our lounge wall of an outline of our 2 year old daughter, and labeled basic body parts and correlating pronoun in French, e.g. La mains, Le pieds, La bouche, Les doigts, Les cheveux, Le bras.
  • We compliment this poster with the song Savez-Vous Planter Les Choux, and games reminiscent of Simon Says.
  • French colour “Snap” cards, which are also used to play memory.
  • Speaking about things around us in French, e.g. “Oh, les fleurs violet!” “Le bicyclette bleue!”
  • Writing french songs and learning to play french songs on guitar, singing french lullabies to my children at bedtime.
  • French labels all over our kitchen. “Le Placard
  • Google for grammar through the method suggested by Benny The Irish Polyglot
  • We have put up a chalkboard in our kitchen with lists of pronouns and commonly used verbs, e.g. “to have” “to be”.


  • I notice that the easiest time for me to engage in French conversation with my daughters is when we are going for walks. I am sure that this is because we have no distractions about other things that need to be done, or that we would like to do. So whilst we are walking we usually speak about our current experience: crossing the road, the texture of the ground, surrounding flora and fauna. I took the opportunity this week to speak about these things in french instead!
    Well, I tried…
    I think that I succeeded about 50% of the time, talking about the sun and the shade, how it made me feel, the colours of the flowers and animals, what I did and didn’t like. I tried to speak only french as much as possible
    Although, I did not have a french-speaking person there to correct my grammar..
    I think that this is an excellent immersion opportunity for us.
  • I am beginning to pick out more and more words in the french music I am listening to. I often do not understand the words, but I recognise that I have used or read them before.
  • The repetitiveness of the children’s songs in the Monde Des Petits website is not becoming annoying or tiresome! I wonder if this is attributed to the fact that I do not understand the majority of what they are saying, so it is more interesting to me. Points for keeping motivation alive!
  • The repetitiveness of the songs are helping to strengthen my ear for french. I am beginning to memorise the songs and the vocabulary within these songs, just by having them playing in the background.
    Much like how you end up knowing all of the words to the most horrible pop songs without intentionally ever learning them, just because they are always played, in the shops, at your friends, at work, everywhere…
    You can’t escape them..
    This one is my 5 year old’s favourite, and is therefor stuck in my head for most of the day.
  • The girls understand a lot more than they speak. I do not think that they see the purpose in them speaking French very often, because they do not hear many people use it. There is no social or communicative need for them to speak French at all.

Goals For This Week:

  • Create Bingo Cards!
  • Finish the song I am writing in french- I will post it on this blog when I am confident enough!
  • Extend my relevant vocabulary to practice whilst I am on walks with my daughters.
  • Encourage my children to repeat the French phrases that I use.
  • Focus on one french picture book and read it with my daughters regularly, asking them to repeat the phrases in French, and asking questions for comprehension in English.

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